How do I scroll up the layout screen in the construct 2 GUI

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  • Hi,

    I seem to have an issue where I am not able to scroll up and down in the layout screen unless I have zoomed into the window area. I have a top down shooter I am working on and would like to be able to scroll further up the screen and layout my scenery etc in certain spots. When I first got C2 I thought I was able to do this, but maybe not, however since going from 186 to 190 my scrolling seems even more limited.

    Yesterday, I was able to scroll up and the image attached shows a basic layout of my level but what you cannot see is a whole bunch of building further up the screen. I cannot even see these anymore.

    Also, I am not able to zoom in to any of the upper level layout so I can accurately place my images where I want them, so I have to sort of stick a tree or rock or an enemy on the screen, run the code and see what happens. Which is sort of okay for big items, but when I have small items, such as a barrel, it is really difficult.

    Am I missing something somewhere, or is this a setting I have missed?

    Thank you,


  • okay, I think I found the answer by accident. If I change my layout size bigger than my window size, I can now scroll up and down and zoom in. Probably ended up being a dumb question, but maybe it will help someone else

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  • the reason thats happening is your working outside your layout that solid black line is your layout size. Increase your margin size it be able to scroll to them(under Layout size). If you dont need your layout to be that size just increase it to be able to fix your objects.

    edit: see you found out by your self. I recommend you go though the manual and read up on the editor and events it can help alot

  • Hi Volkiller. Yes it was that for sure. Thanks for your reply. I have been reading a lot, but it's a lot to take in all at once.

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