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  • I'm working on a top down RPG and I'm wondering if i can use "scroll to" to follow my player but only move when the player leaves the 16x16 tile room, currently I'm using a large layout and I'm connecting rooms that are all 16x16 tiles but you can see into the next rooms if I use the standard scroll to behavior. the room fades as the player enters the door and is teleported so, no animation required just a simple snap to the next room would be sufficient. Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: the zone-camera capx didnt seem like it was what i was looking for either so just clarifying that.

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  • perhaps use something like this

    System Every tick --> (system scroll to position)
    X lerp(scrollx,Player.X,dt*dist)
    Y lerp(scrolly,Player.Y,dt*dist)[/code:oju3qf3f]
    Where dist is the distance in pixels in x & y
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