How do I scroll farther without zooming out?

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  • Hello World,

    Ok, check the picture below guys, the red rectangle is my level, the black ones are assests I wan't to add to my level, ignore the blue ones.

    Now as you can see where I pointed that arrow I am already scrolled max to the right, and already zoomed out quite a bit. But I need to make my level longer, without zooming out. If I zoom out even more I do get more space, but I can't see what I'm doing, my level is hand crafted so I have to be zoomed in when I try to aling stuff, etc.

    So any way I can scroll further to the right please? I really can't switch to auto generated levels so far into the development process, and at this point if I can't get more space my levels are gonna be awefully short, like under 1 min, maybe some even less then 30 secs....

  • VIKINGS If i'm not mistaken the "Margin" on the left of the layout properties should do the trick. Try to increase it.

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  • I see in your picture that the Unbounded scrolling is set to Yes. That it self should provide an infinite space to move around. I don't understand why this isn't happening in your case.

    Now that I see your red "Maxed" arrow, I wonder if perhaps you are referring to the layout view within C2 editor and not at the actual game (at run-time). In that case, just increase the margins on the layout properties.

    Edit- Damn! Ninjaed by DuckfaceNinja

  • Yeah, increasing the margin seems to work, it only goes up to 10k, but it is way better then before. Thank you guys.

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