How do I use Scroll to Behavior with Multiplayer Plugin.

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  • Problem:

    When I put the Behavior "scroll to" on my character he bugs out and gets stuck at the middle of the map and won't actually scroll at all.


    I'm using the Multiplayer plugin and basically I just want the character to "scroll to" when he/she moves though the map. When I preview the character bugs out and this invisible wall is in the middle of the map and the character won't go beyond the edges of the map but as soon as I remove the "scroll to" behavior the invisable wall disappears and everything works the way it should.

    Trouble shooting:

    I've tired to put the scroll to behavior on other objects such as a text object with no text and then pinned it to the character but that didn't work.

    I've looked though my events and I can't seem to find anything that would stop the character from being able to use the scroll to.

    Any thoughts?

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