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  • For this subject, I'm following the auto-runner template to make a scrolling background which has bullet behavior.

    The template code which I'm using:


    I don't know what I'm missing because my background doesn't scroll correctly. It's jumping to the X I'm setting instead of how the background's template is working and all it's doing to achieve that is this code.

    Could someone help me on that?Appreciated!

  • Nobody? :/

  • Unfortunately showing us some valid code doesn't help at all As you say it works in the template, so.. must be something else.

  • My hunch is that your object isn't identical in tile size. That would cause it to jump. Also, if your object is an odd count of tiles wide (like 15) .

    But codah is right, we need more to tell you anything.

  • codah , Ruskul

    My tile's original width is 512 and i'm setting it to 2048. It has bullet behavior like in the template. Regarding to the background, I don't know what else could I say beside everything I said. The code is the same and the width is right (4*512=2048).

  • is that shot of the template or your code. can you post a shot of your code as you might think it's the same but something could be off

  • I had the same issue in one of my games, first i noticed that it was an odd number that caused an issue as stated above and i also noticed my background was tiled a little to far so the end of the back ground didnt line up with the beginning, also what was stated above. Check out those two things what these guys mentioned.

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  • PL4Life52 , volkiller730

    I'm here to say that was the tile map. What I was misunderstanding is that the tile BG not necessarily have to be multiple of two but the end of the background have to align perfectly to the beginning, which I was already looking for but I thought that only multiplying by 2 would be enough. Thanks everyone.

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