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  • I have:

    On tap gesture - Take snapshot of canvas PNG quality 75

    On canvas snapshot - Invoke download of Canvassapshot with filename "whatever.png"

    In Chrome on PC the file downloads into the downloads folder

    In IE 11 on PC a new window opens and displays:

    ....etc etc...

    On android, nothing happens.

    I was hoping to be able to get the file to download on android. Hopefully, to the gallery folder.

    Is this possible?

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  • I actually just posted this tutorial in another thread hehe. But we used it in our game to take a snapshot of the screen on death, and when you click a "share" button, it will bring up the official Android menu or iOS equivalent with all your sharing options, or even if you just want to save that screenshot you can do so to your photos. ... os-android

  • Thanks looks awesome will give it a try.

  • Just been playing Gate. Nice game. Simple yet addictive.

    If I may make a couple of suggestions:

    1. You may want to use the browser object to allow the user to exit the game using the back button

    2. Also whilst playing the game it would be nice to go back to the menu using the back button

    3. The score should be +1 as this is how many gates you have cleared

    4. You could add in random bonus objects to collect +10 like fruit or gate keys

    Good luck

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