How do I take screenshot of entire layout?

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  • Hi,

    I wish to take a screenshot of entire layout in original resolution.

    Say i have a layout of 2000*1000 px and my screen resolution of 1280*720px.

    I need a screenshot/arrangment of objects in layout at 2000*1000.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I am unsure if this would take the entire layout's as a screenshot (at least that is what I understood from the documentation).

    But there is a System event called Canvas Screenshot, you can use it to capture the screenshot (you specify whether it is JPEG or PNG) and then use afterwards a subevent "On Canvas Screenshot Taken" and display it into a sprite. Here is a below screenshot of my actions setup:

  • Hmm Unfortunately it saves the image in window size.

    Thanks for trying though.

  • Oh, I see. I am sorry I wasn't much help.

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  • No problem. At least i was able know about Canvas Screenshot.

  • It is something indeed what I once requested as feature but I guess Ashley is not interested to make it for purposes like to improve level designing.

    hm you could try make a camera sprite with camera behavior which with arrow keys could move horizontally and vertically in length according the resolution of the window size to screenshot each step and then put the screenshots together in some graphic software like gimp.

  • I'd like to be able to print out an entire event sheet, now that would be fantastic.

  • Bumping this because I was about to make a post on the same topic.

    I have an interactive form-fillable character sheet and it goes on past the window but I want the player to be able to take a screenshot of the entire thing.

    Anything changed since this post was made?

  • Have you tried "Set layout scale" , wait(0), then snapping a screenshot, then putting the layout scale back?

    There would be a flash of the whole layout on screen while it took the snapshot, but only for a 60th of a second.

    (my Mineshaft game lets you zoom out with pinch or mousewheel, level 5 is 2000x2000 and you can zoom out to see the whole layout.)

  • set layout size to 2000*1000 scroll layout to 0,0 wait "dt or what value u want" CanvasSnapshot wait "dt or what value u want" set layout size to 1280*720 scroll to 0,0

    if your wait time is to small when the layout resizes you might capture the wrong size ...

    saving a snapshot tutorial

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