How do I use 2 screens at once?

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  • Hello! I am wondering if it is possible to render to two pixel spaces at the same time? I would like to create a giant Nintendo DS kind of thing using a touch screen and a standard monitor. The touch screen gives you control over the characters on the regular screen. Single computer, two displays, one touch, one standard, one ap running across both... can I do this?

  • Hi I have worked with TOUCH screens.

    You should use the Windows EXTENDER DISPLAY option, and make the size measuring LAYOUT adding the 2 screens.

    So you would use the TOUCH screen as touch input method, replacing the mouse.

  • My project is 3840x1080 so it can split in half over two screens. The problem I am running into is that even with Extended display turned on I lose half my image... it won't show on the secondary display. I can make it show if I use something like ATI EyeFinity to create a 3840x1080 pixel space. This creates a problem however as Windows sees the one touch screen and the non-touch screen as one surface and input from the touch screen is scaled 2:1 to cover both screens!!

    Is there a trick to getting the secondary display to show the other half of the double wide project? I am running in full screen mode... I can stretch a window to cover both screens but that's not ideal... Is there a "faked" full screen mode that will stretch across both?

  • You are at the mercy of the browser on this, if the browser can't do it, your game can't either. Hopefully someone may have a better solution, but browsers don't exactly have a lot of multi-monitor options...

  • I once in one of my projects occupy this, but I did not try to touch monitors.

    But according to my theory it should work at least with a NVIDA card with dual display.

    Usually one is VGA and the other DVI.

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  • Try to export or compile the project in a way that the final product is a. EXE, Flash turned me that way.

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