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  • I want to make a game in which the screen is following player and when it reaches the end it get back from other side.

    But as the player move close to the edge of the layout the screen stop following the player. I want screen to follow the player and want to make the screen wrap. Site that it look infinite but you are just looping in the layout.

  • Zion Check out this thread:

    It's possible, but it's not straightforward and may not be achievable depending upon the type of game and behaviours you've got going on.

  • thanks mekonbekon I like the capx that is there in the forum you have given. It help me a lot but in that capx the layout size is equal to the camera viewpoint. In my game the camera point of view is small and the layout size is large. So do you have anyother way to do the same thing that is in the capx but in larger layout size

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  • For example your layout is 100.000px long and your screen size is 1024x768

    Make the first 1024px and the last 1024px of your layout look identical.

    Once the player.X>=(100000-1024/2), set its position to Player.X-(100000-1024)

  • thanks dop2000 your way of doing the help me but when it get closer to the end of the layout the screen stop following and when is about to reach the end it goes to the other side. I want to camera to follow player every tick and the player must be at the center of the screen whole time.

  • instead of every tick put scroll to behaviour on the play object also if the screen ceases to follow due to it being the edge of the layout (and say youre in water) add enough space just past the teleport location with an identical look to where you are teleporting which will allow the screen to be centered the entire time and it still appear seamless

  • Zion

    Set Unbounded scrolling=yes on the layout

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