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  • Ok, so after reading a bunch of different posts and tutorials on this matter(eg. Supporting multiple screen sizes) I've made a decision.

    I'm gonna use Scale outer mode + landscape orentation for my game, since the way I design it it won't be a problem is the player sees more. However that still leaves a few questions so I can make this work properly, please help if you can.

    1. What is the biggest size iOS device(iphone/ipad) on the market at the moment?

    2. What is the most common size for iphones/ipads(and if possible which iOS version/s correspund with this size)?

    3. How do I center my layouts so that they scale out from the center instead of pos 0, 0?

    4. Where do I set the orentation? By landscape orentation I mean the player has to hold his device horizontaly and the game runs from right to left, or am I understanding this function wrong?

    Thank you.

  • 1/2. : Google is your friend...

    Nowadays, it seems to be the iphone 5 that is the most common, with a screen resolution of 320x568. The link will give you all the details.

    3. : on start of layout=> set scroll to X/Y

    X and Y should then be calculated based on the current displayed resolution

    4. : not sure for this one but I would say that if you only do landscape, use the System.set layout angle action to put it to 90�

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  • Cool, thank you very much.

    One more thing, is there any way to edit the "Scroll to" behavior so that the camera only follows the player on the X axis(or substitue some events to achieve this)?

    I know I could just make the player static and have the background scroll, but from what I remember reading in another post that has some problems when using scale outer mode.


    then don't use "Scroll to" behavior. Instead of it, maybe there's an action about scrolling screen with xy coordinate.

  • I know there is shaircast, but like I said, that might cause problems with scale outer mode...

  • VIKINGS : I think he was thinking about the System>Scroll to position Action, which does the same as the scrollTo behaviour

  • I tried, doesn't work. I found this post on making a smooth camera using the "lerp" expression. Any idea how I should modify it so it only follows my player on the X axis, ignoring the up and down movements he does?

    In case you need the info, at the moment my player moves 1 pixel every tick, but that may change in harder levels.

  • Bump.

  • Well, in this tutorial, there is an event :

    Keep the X as it is, and don't change the Y (put "Self.Y" in the Y slot, or a constant).

    Even if there is no scroll on Y, you have to choose at what Y the camera is.

  • system every tick - system scrollto player.x, 350 (or whatever other y suits you)

  • Yes!!! LittleStain is right, so simple, can't believe I didn' think of it! Thank you very much mate.

    Thank you too Guizmus, but it looks like I don't need to bother with lerp for now. Still good to know, I'll save it, might come in handy later on.

  • Cool, I will check it out, thank you.

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