How do I screen share a PC's desktop (via WebRTC?)

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  • Hi All,

    Wondering if there is anyway I can use C2 and/or WebRTC to share a user's desktop with other internet PEERS?

    I could export the project as an executable, however, I'm not sure I can 'break-out' of the C2 sandbox to get the current desktop to share... The goal would be to show others what I'm doing on my desktop, what apps are running, cursor movements, etc... Imagine taking the C2 Chat Example Template and adding desktop sharing to it -- that's what I'm going for... Screen shots would be one thing, but real-time display would be better...

    Let me know


  • I did a video chat with the current multiplayer function from scirra, and I can say with certainty it will not be fast enough to relay the images fast enough to result in anything decent for desktop activity sharing.

    The images transmissions simply take up to much bandwidth/time.

  • lennaert, was your connection over Wifi or cellular? Just wondering...

    Also, i'd even be happy with POOR performance if I were able to at least be able to capture a user's PC desktop, and not simply take a screen shot of a C2 app.. still not sure that is possibly though... and I could understand from a security perspective why...

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  • Even locally. The image processing takes up a load of performance.

    And true that, I don't think it is possible to take desktop screenshots/images with construct 2.

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