Screen Shake Is Making My Platform Character Jump Can I fix?

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  • My screen shake is making my platform character jump in ther air when i call it. Is there some special way to do this? do i need to place my camera obj on its own layer? I followed a tutorial and it still isnt working and its very simple to call a screen shake.

  • This is all i see about the scroll to. It does not say that it will cause your objects to jump which in turn calls the falling action.

    this is my first attempt at using the shake on my projects and im feeling like information is left out for me to learn.

  • Double check your events, you may be making the object jump while shaking the camera, because the two have nothing to do with each-other.

    If everything is fine and you can reproduce it in a very simple sample file, you may need to make a topic in the bug reports identifying the problem.

    So, again, while you make the action to shake your screen, check if in any circunstancie it's possible to trigger a jump or moving anything more than the camera.

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  • Depending on where the camera and scroll-to shake are located and how your layers are set up the player could appear to jump when it's really not. You likely just need to play around with the position of the shake as well as the magnitude.

  • Oh, I see the issue now. Doing the player in the same layer of the "ground" should fix it so.

  • Burvey 99Instances2Go i have more than one layer. The project im making does not allow the player to jump so no jump events are being called.

    I tried the capX and it didnt show me anything since this logic is only 2 events i really dont understand what im doing wrong

    What layer should my camera be on? Why is it shaking? what can i do to make it stop?

  • If the player is out of the floor layer, it will seems like he is jumping because the layers tremble while shaking the camera, specially when the layers are with different parallaxes, it's simple, just place the player on the floor layer.

  • TELLES0808 Thank you that fixed it! That should be common knowledge inside the manual. That is very easy to do if youve never messed with the scroll to before.

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