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  • Well I have an iphone 4 and the only way for me is to put everything right Straighten to 660x440, if I increase the size of the layout looks very bad

    I tested scale, crop ... and nothing. What resolution I put my layout to take iPhone 5 and iPad without changing the whole game?

  • Someone help me? not be resolution to put in my layout, because then with cocoonjs edges look and looks very bad

  • As I was reading, but it is far from clear. Puts you try and try resolutions but I want to work a resolution on all iphones and ipads ...You're telling me I have to put a version for iphone 4 one for iphone 5 and one for ipad? incredible program ...

  • No you have not, just set the screen sizes right ;) The Tutorial works fine for my project?s

  • I looked it up and puts nothing. I noticed where it says the iphone and just says to try but nothing fixed ... wash their hands.For if this good web tutorial for iphone no ..

  • Helpppppppp

  • You can try my solution.

    I already use 480*800 screen size.I set "unbounded scrolling" to YES then i create an black background under layout(very large.bigger than 4-5 times of layout size) and i set fullscreen mode to scale and the game looks like fullscreen many devices.

    For example if you desing your game for iphone 5 screen resolution and make my resolution it will be fullscreen all iphone also it looks like fullscreen at ipads with black eddge.

  • I was testing on my iphone 4:

    I work lettebox 960x640 scale

    I work letterbox 660x440 scale

    But of course I have no iphone 5 to see if it works well ... I have the entire project with 660x440 and I do not want to change all the layouts and raise the size of all images.

    About what you mention, it will see the black edges and boxed the game ... not a little creepy?

    I'm going crazy, I've tried everything, but I have only a cell phone in the other do not know if it works :(

    another solution may be to put the maximum size resolution of the iphone 5 and put crop? pff <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Did you set Fullscreen in browser to Letterbox Scale ?

  • if the tests I did, I did with letterbox. There has to be a resolution that fits all iphone .... I'm going crazy, I do it in that resolution? :(

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  • <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Yo!

    Construct 2 will scale your game to the device's resolution, whatever that is. Letterbox scale ensures that your game's aspect ratio is kept intact. Iphones all have the same aspect ratio I think? So just make sure your game resolution fits one model and it should look right on all of em.

  • ErekT

    iPhone 3GS: 320x480

    iPhone 4: 640x960 (326 ppi)

    iPhone 4S: 640x960 (326 ppi)

    iPhone 5: 640x1136

    Do according to you, that size would have that be my layout to make it work at all?

    The screen of the iphone 5 is a little bit more, but the iphone 4 and 3gs are equal, because they have different resolution?

  • I need help ... I do?

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