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  • Hi everyone, i am new to this forum.

    I've just started using Construct and i have the following doubt. I am using 32x32 sprites but when i click the "run layout" button and preview the game the sprites looks VERY small relative to the window size. I've tried changing Window Size at the project properties to 320x240 to "zoom in". This shrinks the screen but makes everything small (the window screen too). Also i've tried to use fullscreen, which helps,but it scales to cover the WHOLE screen. What i would want is to play at a big size window (like the default one) but kinda "zoom in" so sprites don't look so small relative to the screen. Is this possible?

    Best regards

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  • From the manual System Actions section:

    Set layout scale

    Set the scale (or zoom) of an entire layout. This scales all the layers in the layout, taking in to account their scale rate property.

    Set scale

    Set the scale (or zoom) of an entire layer, taking in to account its scale rate property.

    Set scale rate

    Set the scale rate property of a layer, which affects how quickly it scales (if at all).

    When creating an action, you'll find them in the Layers & transforms group of system actions.

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