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  • So I figured out how to resize an app no matter what the screen size is but it has a really bad stuttering effect when you drag the window open/shut. I'm hoping someone might know a way to smooth it out a bit.

    Any help would be appreciated, heres the capx:

    Resize app based on browser size

    Thanks again,


    UPDATE 12/19/2012:

    I figured out the problem with item placement and stretching. Also included a bit so when the window drops below the minimum(original design) size it brings up a second layout asking them to change the size. Once the size is at or above minimum it once again switches back to the main window. Feel free to use it everyone to help you with allowing more then 1 screen size.


    You need Pode's HTML Iframe plugin for my example to load.

    Link to Pode's Iframe plugin.

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  • If someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong with the title_frame object size in the main layout I would also greatly appreciate it. It should stay static to the size it is in the layout(there should always be room to the right) I'm calculating something wrong.

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