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  • I have built my project and been testing with the CocoonJS app launcher along the way.

    This is for the iPad only so I have made it 1024x768. I have read the documentation about supporting multiple screen sizes.

    Now I have built the project with Ludei's Cloud Compiling system and run it on my iPad4 through XCode. It looks like garbage.

    I have tried all the screen modes:

    Off - not allowed in CocoonJS

    Crop - crops the screen yes leaving 35% black

    Scale Inner - crops the screen as above

    Scale Outer - black space on left and white space on right with repeated image

    Letterbox Scale - as Scale Outer

    Letterbox Integer Scale - as Scale Outer

    After months of building my project and making it look perfect now once compiled it looks like s***.

    Other settings:

    Use loader layout - No

    Pixel rounding - On

    Window size - 1024,768

    Preview browser - Chrome

    Fullscreen in browser - All settings tried (as above)

    Use iOS retina display - All devices

    Hide address bar - No

    Enable WebGL - On

    Sampling - Point

    Loader style - Percentage text

    Pause on unfocus - No

    Clear background - No

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

  • What setting did you choose in the cloud compiler under Application Scale Mode?

    If this is planning on being a iOS only app. You might consider using Ejecta rather than CocoonJS.

  • Thanks for the response.

    Tried them all, there seems to be no difference.

    The problem is there are five screen modes in C2 and three in CocoonJS - and IMO I don't need any of them (no scaling,stretching or cropping required as it should fit 100%).

    Sadly this seems not to be the case.

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  • After a lot of messing around with CocoonJS I am trying Ejecta which is giving me a load of issues in XCode - trying to sort them one by one...

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