How do I make screen limitation of drag and drop object?

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  • Before I start this topic, I'd like to tell that I've tried to post this topic before but suddenly it was gone and it didn't appear anymore in the forum, so what is happening, I don't know at all.

    First of all, I'd like to give a direction of what I've been working on and how far I am.

    I want to make a game which use drag and drop in the most part of the game, picking certain object, dragging the object, and releasing the object in the certain destination point/spot, too. So, I start from tutorial of drag and drop but it didn't work at all, then I tried to looking for another example and I found it. I tried to open and run it in run layout and this example worked. So, i tried to applied this into mine after deleting all previous events in my event sheet and it worked. HAPPY!

    Next problem is:

    1. how to make it stayed in the certain destination point after releasing it

    2. and if the object got released before reach the destination, it will return to its previous position

    3. also I want to make the object keep staying inside the screen and don't go beyond screen

    Is there any suggestion??

    Due to I didn't find any relevant topic in the forum when I searched it.

    If there's anything unclear in my post, please post it below and I will try to make it understandable.

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  • Suggestion: Post a capx example of what you have so we can see how you implemented your drag and drop. Without this, we can provide suggestions but they may not even be applicable to your situation.

    Also what do you mean in number 1? Do you want the object to snap to a target?

  • Thank you guys..

    First, I already figured out how to make my object limited to screen only and I just simply add 'Bound To Layout' behavior and it's all done, silly me.

    I am sorry that I haven't provide any capx example due to it's already solved.

    and the next problem is solved either by korbaach example capx. Thanks a lot


    So, I guess this topic should be closed by now due to it's all solved.

    Thank You for any respondents

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