Screen Jutter - How do i fix?

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  • When viewing the game online or local, the game jutters when i move the player. I'm using the 8 direction movement for my player and using a series of pressed and released checks to play the correct animations.

    I tried compressing all of my PNG's and even removed my map background just incase it was a performance issues...but its not.

    Any ideas ?

  • Any chance you could upload your .capx to a filehost like dropbox? This isn't really enough information to find the problem.

  • Heres the link

    Game Jutter

  • Heh, yea. It worked if you right-clicked and chose "Save-As" though.

    I had a look and it seems fine in my browsers, both chrome and firefox. I don't see any lag or jittering.

  • Really , im using firefox and i get bad lag and jitter when moving. Do the animations look ok (Origin Points).

    This is my first attempt at anything like this not sure if everythings right.

    Also , since you have the capx file , could i talk to you about other things? maybe via MSN or Googlechat? if thats ok :)

    thanks for testing

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  • Hmm, the shadows seem to jitter a bit sometimes, and the walls on those holes with water in the ground. I'm not sure how to fix that though.

    You can post questions in this thread or send me a PM if you want, but I can't answer all the time, so I don't do instant messaging. I'll answer any questions I can when I have time though.

  • Okay thanks , yeah the shadows are attached to the original animation images. It turned out that i had to clear my cache / cookies ... runs alot smoother now.

    Urrm , question....How can i display running animation using SHIFT.. i want to be able to show diagonal running too but i can due to not being able to do more than 1 key pressed per event? if u get what i mean.

    Also if you check my release events (to make sure player is facing the correct way) i haven't got any for diagonal, as i wud need to have it check if Up + right released play upright ... etc

  • I made some changes, but it's not perfect. It only does the diagonal idle animations when you release both keys at the same time. Might have to make a delay of some kind to solve this issue, but I need a break right now.

    Other than that, I think I covered everything:

    lodoseGame.capx (r99)

    By the way, you can use the same trick I used for the idle animations for the running and walking, just name them run1, run2 etc.. This way you only need one set of events checking direction.

  • Nice, thats much more simple than my method lol.

    Thanks mate

    EDIT: Another thing i wanted to look at was making the Monster AI follow character when its on screen , cant seem to figure it out tho

  • It jitters on Firefox for me as well. My games always jitter on Firefox, even my own. Perfect in Chrome and IE; jittery in Firefox.

  • Yeah it kinda sucks lol.

    Could anyone help me with my Monster AI , im using similar Animations as the player (8 direction). i want the monster to chase player until its close enough to start to attack , atm i have a ball that follows player , but no variation on animation.

    Any ideas?

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