How do I make on screen controls

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  • So i'm having problems on creating on screen movement controls, basically i've made a car which moves forward, and which has bullet behavior. I created 2 transparent buttons, which move the car, right or left. The problem starts, when the car starts moving. When the car is still, the controls work, but when the car starts moving, the controls doesn't work and i can't figure out why..

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  • Make sure buttons are on top layer/z order

    Might be that you are touching something else?

    I would also make sure the bullet behavior isn't making X invalid.

    If X is not the same value as your lanes then it won't work.

    For testing, make a blank else statement, have it do something so you can know if the touch/button is actually working.

    I am thinking your conditions are false so you don't see what you expect.

  • So i made an event, which on every tick sets displays text on screen with players X coordinates, when the car doesn't move forward, the coordinates show on the screen, but when i enable bullet movement, the coordinates disappear from the screen.

    Set Text to Player.X

    It's almost as the Player.X gets emptied, when the car starts moving forward. What could i do?

  • Try custom movement instead of bullet.

  • thanks, the custom movent solved the problem

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