How do I make a scoring popup show, move, then go away...

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  • I must be brain dead but cannot figure this out...

    When something scores points, I want a bubble/cloud/points to appear in that spot, float a little upward, then fade out. I have the images I want, just cannot figure out how to get that to work.

    Create a copy of the object

    Move it to the right layer

    Set it to the right x,y position...

    then what to make it sorta animate upward for a second or two, then disappear... bullet?


  • Well I have uncompleted and unneeded game project that has this feature, download this .capx and get the right events for your text popup! and if you like to continue this project instead of me, PM first.


    Hope this will help!

  • I use a 3rd party plugin for the moveto function but this is what i do.

    Create SpriteFont and give it behavior fade and set the fade out params. So by default as soon as i create the object anywhere on the screen even if i don't move it it will disapear in just under a second and destroy itself. Then assign the moveto behavior and give it a speed so as i spawn it i can tell it where to move (up down left, etc..)


    Next I create a function that spawns the object where i want and tell it to move up 100 pixels. (just enough so that by the time it reaches its destination is faded out)


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  • Thanks both... got it figured out with your help!

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