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  • Hello folks!

    When the player looses, the game creates a scoreboard.

    On this scoreboard it creates an object "text". I cant get its text centering to work.

    Here is a screenshot of my code:

    Thanks in advance

  • You could force the game to a new layout while saving the score in a global variable, and while doing that you have an entire layout to decorate and make look good :) While you are at it with all that room in the layout you could show previous scores. But to center it in the new layout just create an object that's invisible at the top left of the screen or center and play with the image point until it's almost dead center, then edit the board by using the even sheet and doing something like:

    OnCreated(Board) setX : invisSprite.X + (number) / SetY : invisSprite.Y + (number)

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  • Thanks for your quick Response.

    I will consider this. But my Scoreboard has to be on the same layer.

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