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  • Hi

    Just wanted to make a score calculate like in sonic games were the player reach the goal and get point and bonus point depending on the time they beat the level within. Here the example in this video

    At 0:37 second is the system im trying to make, can someone help me thanks.

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  • You would use something like "System every 1 second" to add a value to a time variable (ie. timeVar). You would then need a Text object or GUI text to display the timeVar for player. Then when its time to calculate bonus you would do whatever math you wanted via events from other variables like collected coins, bonus objects, etc..

    Ie. timeVar-levelTime (variable value for max time one would do level in base value so the lower timeVar is the more "bonus" they get) x [coinVar+bonusObjectVar] = scoreVar (to display)...

    Its a complex system between variables to store info and UI to display it. You will need to piece it together in a way that feels right for your game.

  • Ok i don't event know were to start is there a more simpler way? sorry to ask this but could you upload example of this. Thank you

  • it would look something like this

  • Thank you.

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