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  • hi all,

    i've created a small game following the basic tutorial and all regarding the game logic works fine (even if it's still not completed), you can check it here:

    as the title suggests i'm also trying to integrate it with facebook (since there's a native plugin), so that the system can keep track of various scores, record them and then publish the list of best players.

    unfortunately, following tutorials that i've found around ( and didn't produce what i've expected, since scores are always reported as 0, even if permissions ad other stuff seem correctly granted.

    Can anyone help me out with that? i'll be able to post my project as soon as i get back at home today, the reason for which i need this done is that on next 31st october will be released natural-selection 2 (, a fantastic sci-fi online game and me and my friends would like to promote it within the italian community creating some extra buzz with this small game, eventually assigning prizes to best players.

    actually our superprize is a key to activate a full copy of ns2 and without this scores integration we'll have to sadly extract it randomly

    within members, so any help even to achieve the score recording in some other way would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance to anyone.

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  • Hi Friend,

    I had the scores showing up as zeros, and I fixed it on the facebook app side.

    The setup I have now is:

    -> Set app category as GAME

    -> Include the following permissions for your app: user_games_activity friends_games_activity publish_actions

    With this, I got the zeroes to go away.

    I'm struggling to get the high scores to be kept anywhere... if I reload the page, everything is lost. I had assumed that the values would be kept somewhere on facebook database(I might be wrong here).

    Also, the list is stupid, as any entry goes to the append string I created, regardless of its value and rank compared to others; and everyone is ranked #1.


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