How do I make the score better without confusing the game?

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  • Hi all. This a game I made with the help of dop2000 in the previous post.

    I am making a game of spelling Japanese words. The help that I needed is, by forming longer words, the score would be greater and health of the enemy is reduced more.

    For example, if I put the word "itadakimasu" in Battle layout, the score would be 20 and enemy's health reduced by 20. I tried to make it, but it seems to be confused with the later command. I tried to duplicate it, and it is still the same.

    I am trying to make like shorter words have little score and little health reduce and longer words have higher score and more health reduced.

    Here is the sample .capx

    Here are the word samples

    Note that Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 are Battle, Battle 2 and Battle 3 layout respectively.

  • Ok, since I recommended storing the list of all words in a single variable, I guess I have to help you with this one <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Here is an updated file: ... .capx?dl=0

    Note, I used an older version of your capx, from the previous post. So you should only take the code in Battle Animation group, ignore everything else.

  • Didn't work though. I tried to tweak some but it ended up with the same result. It still counts with the action assigned to it.

  • It does work.

    If the word is entered correctly, then wordScore variable will contain the score for this word.

    Say, in my example the word "sensei" will give wordScore=12 and the word "itadakimasu" will give wordScore=20.

    Then it's up to you how you use this value. You can do "Skeleton subtract wordScore from Health".

  • Oh, I know what could be the problem. Local variables in functions lose their values after wait.

    So you need to move all actions with wordScore above "Wait 2 seconds":

    Also, when Attack button is pressed and you return all letters to their start positions, you should also clear "isOccupied" variable for Sprite133.

  • I saw that you put browser in the layout. What is it for actually?

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  • I used it to output debug information (Browser->Log)

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