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    I decided to simulate a real world problem by constructing something visual around it. So here i am, my little scenario is finished and i found myself in the position of using variables which correspond to values i calculated previously in the lab to make things move.

    So now its more about making it more easy to use. I rather not like to change them all with every experiment. Im looking for a way to import an excel, csv, text or similar file to use the calculated numbers as a new batch of variables. I read a few lines abotu ajax and json but before going this way i would require some inputs from ... you :)

    BR and many thanks in advance!

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  • Just brainstorming here, but you could have a pre-simulation page where you upload a CSV file, parse it and perform any needed variable substitution with php. I've used php a lot over the years to assign values in javascript code.

  • There should be a possibility to import XML files I guess.

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