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  • Hello everybody. Does anyone else have problem with scheduled backup feature?

    My prefences are set like this:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    However, it only saves the project when I press the save button. Not every 15 min as it's set.

    thank you in advice

  • Here it's working (or I think so ^^)

  • I've worked for about 1 hour and during this time, it didn't auto-save anything at any time. Construct 2 is just "auto saving" when I press the save button, and not by itself.

  • However, it only saves the project when I press the save button. Not every 15 min as it's set.

    Isn't this how it should work?

    Every time you save and your last back up was created more than 15/45 minutes ago, it will save over your last backup.

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  • have you ever worked on photoshop, 3d studio max, etc? These softwares have an autobackup feature. And here's how it works: you set the autobackup to AUTO save every 15-30 min. And then, the software automatically SAVES your file. This is usefull because if you are working on something and the program crashes out of nowhere, you have at least a save file created X minutes ago.

    In Construct 2 we have two options. Correct me if I'm wrong: autobackup, that create a backup file when you save your project, and this is usefull in the case that you messed up with something at your game and want to go back to last save. And we have scheduled autobackup, that does exactly the same, but saves on other folder. I'm not saying this features are bad, they are very good. However, when I saw "autobackup" feature, I thought it worked like 3ds max, photoshop, etc.

    So, in short, I would like to have an auto-save feature, so I don't lose my job if I forgot to save and C2 crashes.

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