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  • Hi,

    Please see attached image, I am using scaling value as: 'Letterbox Scale'

    Problem is that there are still white bar on the sides, I want it to take the complete space available. I tried other scale settings but have not been able to achieve the result of covering the complete screen. Please help me in finding solution...



  • Getting rid of the white bars would either distort (stretch) or crop the game.. If u published it as a native app it wouldn't have the browser url bar and looks like it would fit perfectly

  • IndieKiwi Thanks for your reply but I have noticed is that in apps made using jQuery mobile scaling covers the complete screen area without distorting the content. How do they achieve this as compared to C2 ?

  • I tried using 'Set Canvas size' but have not been able to get rid of the black side bars. Any help would be appreciated...

  • using scale outer and having your background bigger than the actual layout is one option..

    If you want your hud to remain relative to the viewport either use the anchor behaviour or set their position relative to viewportleft,right,top and bottom..

  • LittleStain it did not work for me, please see this file.

  • What am I supposed to see when looking at that file except some coloured sprites?

    Scaling is still set to letterbox..

    All events are crossed out and nothing has behaviours attached..

    My suggestion was using anchor behaviour, but I see no reference to that, neither do I see any events using the viewportleft etcetera..

    I'm not sure what you expect this layout to look like in the browser, so without any further explanation I'm at a loss..

  • LittleStain all I am trying to do is fit the complete scene within various screen resolutions without side bars appearing.

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  • I suggest you check out this video mate, should answer most of your questions.

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  • Thanks VIKINGS I'll go through the link ...

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