Scaling down Tiled Backgrounds with no quality loss

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  • Hi there, so when I import an asset as a sprite, I can scale it down from 128x128 to 32x32 with no quality loss.

    However, when I import an asset as a Tiled Background and scale it down, it loses quality, is there a way to avoid this?

    In the properties tab, for Sprites the Size field means that actual size of the asset.

    But for Tiled Backgrounds, the Size field means the "canvas size", I guess you could call it.

    And altering the size in the image editor decreases the quality for both.

    Do I just have to import all Tiled Backgrounds as Sprites instead an manually tile them if I want to scale them down?

    Thank you!

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  • danielbishop56 - You are going to have to use an external image editor if you want to resize your images. Honestly, C2's Image Editor is not good in re-sizing since quality is lost every re-size, may it be sprite or tiledbackground image editor. Tiled backgrounds is for tiling images repeatedly and are commonly only used as backgrounds that's why it can't be scaled down and it would lost it's tiling ability if it were scalable while sprites are like objects in a game, like characters and such that's why it has a scale option since it is not a looping image and size may be needed to be manipulated in the game. I suggest you change the image size of your tiled background in Photoshop, ImBatch or any external image editor that doesn't lose quality in re-sizing.

  • I think you want to scale the object in the layout editor so that an up scale gives sharp image quality?

    It would be hard to set up with parallax, but you could set a layer scale for the tiled background layer to 0.5. Assuming your window is 960x540 it will up scale to full image res. Alternatively you could procedurally create sprites over a dummy tiled background object that you then destroy on start.

  • Can a layer have an image applied to it.

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