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  • Here is my situation:

    I have a quite complex game with dozens of layouts.

    The project window size 2048*1152.

    It turned out that the game is too heavy for low-end mobile devices at this size.

    I want to scale sown the entire project to 1024*576 , so I can create a specific build for these devices, and I have a couple of questions regarding this:

    1. In order to make the game lighter, is it enough to scale down the sprites within the game, or do i have to recreate and reload to c2 all my assets scaled to half size?

    2.Is there a way to scale down all the layouts at one go? (that would save me many hours of work....)

  • anyone?

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  • If the assets are too big, you want to scale them down (in the image editor I mean), C2 downscale/upscale everything, so I think reworking the assets could be enough.

    You might want to consider having less detailes textures in some cases too if you still have issues regarding that.

    Also verify that it isn't the logic of your game that is the problem also.

    Hope that helps.

    EDIT: Not all phones are great for HTML5, I wonder if some can even reach 60 fps in some cases, so you might also want to see across several devices if possible.

  • Thnx Aphrodite

    I run many tests and did some in-depth optimizing, so I'm quite sure that the weight is not from the logic or from the BGD textures.

    It is simply because the game is running many animations at high resolution so weak devices freeze/crash/slow down.

    Most animations are running at 12 fps, so the game is not very demanding in this aspect.

    Since my game contains thousands of images, I find it much easier to resize the assets with an external tool (like ImageResizer) and reload, rather than typing a new size for every sprite.

    What I was looking for is a way to scale down by changing the project/layout settings, but i guess it is not possible.

  • Memory wise, scaling down your game wouldn't solve the problem.

    You need to resize your images to a lower resolution,.

    As for render lag I'm not sure, I've made a game once which ran at 60fps on iPad2 and couldn't get over 40fps on iPad3, because of screen resolution(not using C2). Maybe setting a lower window size and scaling it would help? Need to run some tests to find out.

  • thnx caiorosisca

  • Ashley - It is a pity that the resize tool on the Image Editor is not very useful for such cases.

    If it was possible to define the new size by percentage (not by pixels), scaling down layouts could be very easy.

    Also - While dealing with GFX weight issues, I thought that it could be handy to have the info bar showing the memory usage of current layout beside the Max. memory usage.

    I'm quite sure that many users may find both features helpful. Thx.

  • I am looking for this feature for a long time.

    Scale the sprites by percentage would be perfect.

    It would be a very nice feature that would save lots of time to many people.

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