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  • Hi,

    So heres what i'm trying to do:-

    For my game I want increasing difficulty monsters to spawn each lvl (the monsters have different graphics and stats)

    I have a family with 70 'monsters' on lvl 1 of the game I want only monster 1 to spawn, lvl 2, 50%/50% chance for monster 1 and 2 to spawn

    lvl 3 33%/33%/33% for monster 1-3 to spawn, lvl 4 25%/25%/25%/25% for monster 1-4 to spawn and onwards till lvl 10 where I want only monsters 2-10 to spawn, lvl 11 where monsters 3-11 would spawn and onwards through all 70 monsters.

    I've tried a bunch of stuff to no avail and I feel I'm going in circles now so any help would be appreciated

  • try using nickname to spawn the monster from rexrainbow.

  • Thank you c4sp3r89 think this might be just what I was looking for.

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  • Having difficultly getting it to work,


    each level monster.spawnturn add 1

    condition monster.spawnturn >70 (assigned 1-75 for each monster in the monster family behavior 'spawnturn')

    behaviour nickname assign nickname 'a' to monster

    nickname create monster 'a' layer 2 spawnx spawny

    but I'm getting all the 75 monster as spawn options, I could write an event for every monster but it seems a little overkill and I believe there must be an easier way.

    As always any help would be much appreciated.

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