How do I scale sprites incrementally?

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  • Ok, so here is my issue. I am using a pathfinding behavior on a sprite and I want the sprite to scale incrementally, down in size or up in size, according to its location on the screen, i.e. if the sprite is following a path toward the top of the screen it would "shrink" in size, if it was following a path toward the bottom of the screen it would "grow" in size, effectively making the sprite simulate forward Z movement and backward Z movement(simulated depth). I have gotten the sprite to change scale when it passes a certain location in the layout, but it only scales to one size and never scales back up to it's original size. My question is how would I scale the sprite incrementally based on it's X, Y location on the layout, without having to enter a scaling action for Player.X < X and Player.Y < Y about a million times? Thanks for any and all help!

  • Something I made a long time ago:

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  • Something I made a long time ago:

    The way this works is exactly how I want mine to work! Thank you for this demo. Now I at least know how to begin the implementation of it.

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