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  • Hi,

    i made a portrait game with layout 480x640 and window size 360x640, with fullscreen in browser setting to Scale Outer, unbounded scrolling: yes. It's all ok on mobile android and ios with intel xdk setting to export in fullsize, but in Pc Browser there are content outside window, like Ashley said in the tutorial: "Supporting multiple screen sizes", but i need this sprite to spawn enemies.

    I tried to put a layer on top with 2 black sprite, with alpha 250, outside the window over the spawn enemy sprite, but when i preview on browser i see the spawn object underneath, like the alpha was 200.

    I upload 2 image:

    there is a way to show only the window content with Scale Outer, and mask other object outside the window?

    Thanks in advance


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  • You could just set the sprites to invisible..

    Another option would be to use scale letterbox, or adjust your background to fit..

    Putting a black tiled background over the sprites could work..

    So many options..

  • Hi LittleStain,

    tk for reply. If i put black sprite or tile over other sprites outside the window, there is the alpha problem.

    I solved with a layer over all and a black sprite with the blend mode: source out. Now there isn't the alpha problem and i can mask everything outside window.

    tk again for reply.

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