How do I scale my games on mobile if they're embedded?

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  • Hey guys!

    A million apologies in advance if this has been covered before -- I did my due diligence in trying to find an answer, but no such luck. (On the other hand, I might just be too dumb to know what I'm doing wrong and you guys have clearly answered this before, so any guidance/patience would be super helpful!)

    I just completed a game that I made with mobile play in mind, and it works super well on mobile browsers and on desktop if played directly from a Dropbox link.

    The issue I have is, I'd love to embed the game on a site -- like my portfolio or, for instance -- but when those pages with the game embed are viewed on mobile, the game viewport doesn't scale to fit the allotted embed space -- instead, it renders the game in its full size, breaking the page and making the game unplayable.

    On desktop it looks great! But the mobile web versions of these pages (with the game embedded) looks like a mess.

    Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Please offer me your wisdom if you can, and many thanks in advance!

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