Saving variables locally

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  • Hello everybody.

    I posted this same issue a few weeks agom but I wasn't Experienced in construct 2 as I'm now, so I couldn't explain my problem properly.

    I looked everywhere, but couldn't find info about this. Maybe I didn't search well enough, but I think it's better to open another thread for it.

    Here is my problem:

    I have, let's say, this reaction time game for research propourses. Time doesn't need to be quite precise as most reaction time need to be.

    Then, this is how i'm registering time:

    Every 0.1 Seconds > Add 1 to "TimeScore" (which is a Global Variable)

    When Spacebar is pressed, the time stops, that value is registered to another variable (Called TimeScore1, or TimeScore2, depending on the stage) and then the player is taken to another stage, there, "TimeScore" is set to 0, and the trial repeats. I need that values to be registered into a TXT or any text file inside my server, so I can later read and analyze it.

    Player Name = (name inputed by the player)

    TimeScore1 = 34

    TimeScore2 = 21

    TimeScore3 = 12

    Any ideas?

  • Try this plugin maybe?

    Never used it, but it sounds like what you want to me =)

  • I Forgot to explain. I need the text to be saved inside my server. Or data be sent to me by e-mail, because people will play this game on their computer.

    Anyway, i'll check this Plugin and see if I can work with it! But I think that this isn't exactly what I need =

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  • The Ajax-Plugin should be perfect for that purpose. How do I-faqs - "Ajax"

    [Edit]Topicname 'Saving variables locally'? Didn't you write yout want to store the variables on your server? The Plugin above is for local storage - Ajax for storing on the server..

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