Saving project iterations?

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  • I am new to Construct 2 and loving it so far. Purchased a license within an hour of toying with the free version <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    There is just one thing that I can't wrap my head around, and that is how to save iterations of a project. I understand the difference between capx and caproj, but how do I do versioning of a caproj file within the proj folder?

    In most apps, I can create the folder structure and then as I work on it, save out version "mygame v1", then "mygame v2" , etc as I work on it. With Construct 2, there is no "save as" command, just "save as Project" and "save as single file".

    If I have already have setup a project using the "save as Project" option, it has already created the project folders with relevant sprite animations, sounds etc. I then want all my subsequent versions of the project file within that same master folder. I don't want to create a whole new project folder for each iteration.

    This doesn't seem possible with the current options or am missing something obvious here?


  • I have all my iterations saved as single files (But when it's big they are projects) all in a folder called 'iterations' or version (which ever I feel is best).

    Single file save as is probably your best option here.

  • Thanks for the reply lonehangman. So there is no real advantage to using the caproj format if I can't have multiple iterations of a project all referencing the same media folders. That seems pretty crazy on a large project if you literally have to replicate all your media(animations/audio) for each iteration of a project. I may as well just use the capx format.

    I can only hope that the developers have a rethink about this workflow, as it is the only thing that I dislike about the app!

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  • You could consider putting your project file(s) into version control using Git, SVN, et al. This is how programmers usually do version control, and although most such packages are intended to work with code they'll still allow you to check other file-types (such as your project files) in and out as well.

  • I'm with LoneHangman, a CAPX file now and then is your best choice, or just create a ZIP file from time to time of the project folder.

  • Construct 2 can save different versions of your project automatically; you shouldn't need to do this. See Keep your work safe with Construct 2's backup options.

    I think you are confused by the two save-as options - if you want to save a manual backup or a specific verison of your project, just use 'save as single file'. Regardless of whether you have a .capx or a folder project, this will save it to a single file wherever you choose, which sounds like exactly what you want. However using a real version control system like SVN or Git is far superior to doing it by hand like that.

  • Ashley, thanks for your reply. I am not a fan of automatic backups, as I like to iterate my project as I progress. In case I need to go back to version number xxx for whatever reason.

    As far as I understand, the capx format is just a zip file of the project file plus all assets. If my working project file has , say 25mb of assets, it means the project files become much larger than they need to be. Ideally I would have the project folder structure setup, just as the caproj does automatically, but also being able to iterate just the project file alone within the project folder setup. Each project file would be small and just referencing the media folders.

    From what I can gather this is not possible? A middle ground between capx and caproj would be a good option.

  • What you could do, have one main caproj and then iterate with capx files

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