Saving and loading from a layout to another layout.

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  • Ok this is the problem ive been making a side/action game for the last monts I been working on the game mechanics like Holsting,Unholting,level , Etc, so I have this problem Well i have 2 layouts Menu, And Part1(Trainig) So the main menu has an save and load button and the part 1 to When I save on the game(Part1) I goes well i can save and load but when im on the menu and I hit Load It dosent load Part1 I know this save and load system is for one layout but is there a way To make this by multiple layouts This hole thing it really stoped the develoment of my game Sorry For bad english.

  • By default, state of objects in a layout is not remembered when you go to other layout. Try using persist behavior on all objects whose state you want to save.

    If you use persist behavior, you will also need "Reset persisted objects" when you start again from beginning.

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  • Thanks soo much for the help now i can continue to the develop the game

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