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  • Hello, i would like to create something like product configurator with construct 2. I will not be using cache, so everytime user reload the page, it will start cleared and reloaded, so I can easily update all informations. There will be few options user will choose, and then just click "send". I should be able to see their option with correct email they also enter.

    My question is, how to save and get data, separately for each user? I dont really mind the export solution. Text document that will be saved somewhere in "game" folder, maybe? Or is it possible to send information to email? Or another idea of mine was to create some admin login, an view everything in html app itself on website, but im not sure if it is possible.

    If you can point me in right direction, I would be glad, thanks.

  • Anyone? Really nobody ever used construct for something like that?

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  • UP! Also I'm with this doubt!

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