saving a custom level?

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  • so, i've made the basic scripts for a level editor, but i'm confused on how to let the player save their level. is there a way to either make independant save files, or generate a code for them?

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  • You may wish to read this:

  • i'm sorry, but that doesn't teach me anything. too many big words and complex things written in italics. instead of just throwing some spontaneous manual my way, do you have anything that can actually assist me?

  • Not to be rude, but if you can't follow the manual, you may have issues following other descriptions as well. Or do you want someone to do the work for you and just hand you a working solution? If that is the case, there really is no reason to use the tool. And it's not a spontaneous manual, it is the manual for the tool that you are using and the place where all the others here have gotten their information. Manual, then Tutorials, then Experience are usually the three places you get the info. The third one comes much more quickly if you have first properly attended to the first two.

    The items that may have a resolution for you are webstorage, the new save system, or JSON calls. Any of those are going to require that you read up on them. When you want your drivers license do they let you say, no I never read the rules, or practiced driving, but I have seen cars on T.V. before so give me my license? It just makes no sense to want to know how to do something without wanting an accurate explanation.

  • ah, i think i understand json files. the thing is i'm a bit confused because there are multiple objects and actions that can save and load, so i've been trying to make sense of all of them. but yeah, json is probably for me. thanks.

  • I have a different idea.

    much like some games out on the internet, once you finish making a custom level, you click "get code", and get a bunch of numbers. anyone have any scripts that could help me make one of these?

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