Saving on android devices (IntelXdk Cookies)

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  • How do i save the games progress on an android device using intelXDK?

    I have tried the following:

    1. Systems Save & load: it froze the device, worked well on the preview aswell as the intelxdk emulator.

    2. Webstorage again worked on the preview and emulator, but not on the device.

    3. Then lastly intelxdk.Cookies couldnt get them to work on anything.

    Now i would like to know how to do it correctly with the cookies.

    Or if anyone knows of an alternative way of saving please do tell me.

    The way i tested the cookies:

    [EVENT:OnTouched "Sprite1" - ACTION: Set Cookie: "Test" To "1" (Exp. -1 Days)]

    [EVENT::IntelXDK.Cookie("Test")=1 - ACTION: Destroy "Sprite2"]

    Sprite2 was never destroyed.

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