Saving & updating user data offline for later upload

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  • I'm working on a project with the following requirements:

    • Players should be asked to enter their name and either an email address or contact number
    • Player data should be stored offline locally then the game starts
    • When the game is complete the player's score should be stored with their other data and another player allowed to start
    • All the locally stored offline data should be uploaded later

    At the moment I have an index.html for showing the first form and saving the data, then I was planning to link to the game on a game.html page and finally I have an admin.html page for showing offline data and allowing an upload.

    Can I use Construct 2 to update the already saved-player data with their score when the game ends? Would it be better to take the name and contact details after the game rather than before? Should I do this data storage in Construct 2 or around it in separate files?

    There is no way around the offline requirement I'm afraid.

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  • What platform are you making the game for?

    Actually all saving done by construct2 is done locally and offline, so that would hardly be the issue..

  • iPads and a Windows touchscreen. After a bit of experimenting I've noticed that Construct 2 appears to be using localforage for saving data which I'm already using in other areas so that's really good.

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