How do I save/request data hostside

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  • I want to create a game, where data is saved and requested hostside.

    E.g. If i pick up a coin as peer the information will be sent to host. There it is saved (to file) (sth like coin=coin+1)

    Now if the peer (e.g.) opens the inventory the amount of coins shall be requested from the host.

    Is that possible ?

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  • Also, it hasn't to be hostside...

    it could also save that information on some file on a website - some datas like : position, inventory items,... - so that the player can't edit them himself, but the game will request it anytime it starts from a distance location.

  • I would also be interested into how i'm able to create and save accounts within a multiplayer session.

    I don't care if a SQL database will be required.

    If so... i would need to know how i'm able to access my sql database using construct, and manipulate it's databases.

  • I surfed a bit through the forums and found out that this could be possible by creating arrays and sending them with the proper command to an sql database. Not quite sure though.

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