How do I save/load a value?

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  • Hello you wonderful community,

    I'm wandering how to save a value (say in-game money) that you earn, like a score.

    The idea is to buy in-game skins...


    if player_money >=skin_value


    player can afford


    Cannot afford

    This bit is fine... what I'm trying to accomplish is.... if player bought skin for $50 in-game only.... then closes out the game... next game play... load in player skin/money.

    Is this achievable with local storage? I'm poking around and haven't seen anything obvious yet!

    Thanks again,


  • Yes, you can definitely do this with Local Storage, there are plenty of examples and tutorials.

    However, if you are talking about In-app purchases and real money, then you should have a system allowing to restore purchases from some online storage. Otherwise people who spent $50 and then accidentally cleared storage on their device will be very upset.

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  • Thanks dop2000,

    This is no more thank a virtual point system... nothing scary like real money ;)

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