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  • I am doing a C2 game.There is a promble, I use C2 save action to save game,and use a WebStroage to save the setting of the sounds on or off. When I save game in sounds on,Then turn sounds off, and load the game save. The sounds setting on again.This is not I want. How do I fix this.


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  • I believe that the save game function supersedes web storage. So when you load the game, it reverts to the last save, where sounds are currently set to on.

    To fix it, you should try doing a full save after setting the sounds to off.

    I hope that helps!

  • Thanks rabidsheep.

    I already do some way like you say. I use a No-save sprite to save the setting. and on load complete to check the sprite variable to control sound. But I found the audio with a tag could not silent by this action when game loaded.Other audio work well.

    One thing I want to note,I save game in a layout but load game in another layout just like a menu layout.

  • ok, i add another action to stop tag aduio on load complete,it work.

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