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  • My game runs perfectly but when I save and load the save, certain aspects of the game break. I have spriter objects set to collision sprites every tic by this behavior:


    The collision sprites are created and then the spriter objects are created and associated with these behaviors:



  • PSI I don't know if it is just me but I can't see the pictures. They are not loading on all my browsers.

    Do you really need the "no save" behavior? I would try it first wihout. I had problems with that too and removed them all and it worked fine again. If you need it then integrate it step by step and test it so you will notice if any objects shouldnt have that.

  • On start of layout the first time through a particular layout, the game is saved:


    Then loaded by hitting the retry button:


    Before the save and load, only one spriter object gets associated with each collision sprite:


  • After the load, the latest collision sprite to be spawned will get all of the spriter objects of that type of enemy applied to it:


    The event sheet being used has many event sheets attached - not sure if this is part of the puzzle or not:


    I have applied the "no save" behavior to all of the sprites and spriter objects involved in case that's part of the problem but that doesn't help. I've been banging my head against this problem for a few days now and am not making any headway. I would be grateful for any ideas of what the problem may be. Thanks, Morgan.

    Sorry I had to post this in chunks but google drive seems to be showing it's ass today.

  • MACPK - thanks for the suggestion, I started without the no save behavior and was getting the same broken results after loads - that's why I tried it.

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  • Now it's showing the images. What version of c2 are you using? There was a bugfix about "save game" shortly. My problem was fixed by it.

  • Release 195. At first it seemed like it was working well but I noticed these association problems. Not sure where the problem is. Very frustrating.

  • Is it possible for you to rewrite it to use web/local storage?

  • MACPK - WebStorage depends on cookies, right? I would hate for my player's save games to get erased if they clean their cookies. Do you think that the problem is a bug in the software or some disorder in the event system?

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