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  • Whipped up a three-slot savefile system using local storage, dictionary, AJAX, and JSON for my SDK, so I'm deciding to share it so that there's a capx available for creating a savedata system: ... ystem.capx

    See a demo here: ... EYrGp6hflM

    Press P to add rupees once a save is selected, I to save once a save is selected (to ensure data is saved)

    (if reloading the page, just click a button to see the rupees for the file)

  • Hi! Is there a specific reason you made this system or was it just an experiment? I'm making a game with clearly divided levels and this is the first time I'm going so far that I need to make a save system. I'm planning to use Construct's own "Save slot" system but I am checking if there are a lot of alternatives.

    I guess I just wanted to ask do you have any experience with the "Save slot" system? Are you experimenting because you think there are better ways to handle saving? Or was this just for fun?

    I tested your demo, good job!

  • I made this because I'm working on a Zelda-style SDK, and while the native save/load would work fine for only one slot or a simple game, unless in certain circumstances, the native save/load isn't very good. It's fine for simple games or things where you need a full state-save of everything. Especially if you want to have multiple save slots and want to individually name them is where it becomes problematic.

    You get much more control with local storage + dictionary too and you can't access/technically do with anything with native save/load's data, technically.

  • Dear LaDestitute I'm a big fan of your approach to video game creation! Link to the past is a brilliant choice and I love seeing you get on here, ask a question, figure it out, and then share the answer with everyone. Keep it up!

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  • Alright! Thank you so much for answering my question! Keep on experimenting

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