Saved game data being erased on iPAd

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  • I am making a brick building game designed to work on desktops and tablets with the ability to save your creation.

    At first I tried using the LocalStorage object which worked fine until I started emptying the internet cache and deleting the browser history. The saved data would then be lost.

    So I switched to using the save game system option. This seems to work fine on desktop but when I play on iPad, save my game state, clear the history and try to load the saved game it is gone.

    Where does Construct2 save the game data? Should it be getting cleared when the history is cleared?

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  • ...Just to add to this point, as mentioned here: ... -savegames

    "Savegames are not saved in the cache. The browser cache is a very much temporary storage that is used to save things like images on web pages without having to re-download them every time, and it's regularly cleared. Savegames don't go there (luckily), they are stored in either WebStorage or IndexedDB, which are permanent storages and are not affected by the user clearing their cache."

    This was why ~I wanted to use the save game function, but on both Safari and Chrome, once I clear the cache, my saved data is gone

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