How do I Save User IAP?

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  • Hey guys i have been searching alot on the forum about this but i cant get a definitive answer. I´m close to finishing my game and i want to be able to introduce API on the game, however i would also like to able to save the purchases and the progress inside the game the user has made in case for example the user unnistalls the game and installs it again or in case the they change phones or even want to play the game on a different device.

    Is there anyway i can achieve this? I i just use LocalStorage to save the progress of the game, all progress is lost if the user unnistalls the game right?

    I have been looking into the plugin Google Play Services and i know Google uses Google Cloud.

    By using this plugin is it possible to achieve this?

    Heres the link: ... quickstart

    If not, i am very much open to any suggestions in how to be able to save not only the progress of the game outside of the user device as well as any purchases they have made.

    Thanks alot for any answers.

  • Play Store will handle all purchases made. Just have to add the action: restore purchases.

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  • Really? Its really that easy?

    I just have to add restore purchases on the IAP plugin in construct 2 and the user will get back the IAP he purchased even if he unnistalled the game?

  • Yes. If you have an IAP plugin and set it up in the google dev console, Google will keep records of the purchases.

    Such as No Ads. If the user makes a purchase to disable ads, it is recorded on Google's side.

    The purchases are stored on Google servers, not the user's device.

    Just have to make sure the events/actions are correct. That's what Alpha testing is for.

  • Great! That´s really good news! Thanks alot for the answer.

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