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  • Hi,

    If you publish a game on facebook it is just an iframe with a link to another website (your own server for example..).

    How is it supposed to work to save current game progress for the users? Normally you use LocalStorage, to save current level progress etcetera. But if you use that on a Facebook game the progress will be saved on the local comuter (or mobile)? So when the user uses another computer this will not be available.

    And also if two different users play the same game on the same computer they will receive the same saved data, regardless on whos facebook they are logged into?

    Do the Facebook plugin has support to save data?

    Or maybe I have totally misunderstood this issue

    Also, what is the best AD-system to use? I have never ever heard anything ablout the ones that are verified OK by facebook... Anyone?

    Any input?

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