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  • how can i save text to another pc using construct 2?. What i want to do is to create a voice activated alarm system. Whenever a certain word is recognized a text file should be created and sent to the other pc . something like when text is help/set text to "help me" , Send file to IP adress 196.".".". or http address.

    Would something like this be possible using ajax?.

  • Anybody got any ideas on how this can be done . Made another app with c++ that seems to work the way i want , but i want to use construct 2 .

  • This is not a Construct2 question, is it?

    I guess you'd have to use PHP on a server and make the ajax call to that. I don't know anything about PHP, but I know it should be able to send a file when getting the right call. So yes you could use Ajax to make the call from construct2, but you'd need to know PHP to do anything useful with that call.

  • I'm not sure you'll be able to write directly to the file system of another box but what about exploring a mailto type solution and then implementing a "collector" on the other end?!

  • Or as LittleStain (lol to the username) says if the other box is a hosting server pass it a function call - sorry I assumed the other system was a standard workstation.


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  • I want to use construct 2 as a front end and for the voice commands . Will create a php file for this and see how it goes. Thanks for the help and a happy new year to everyone at scirra.

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