Save the state of a multiplayer game?

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  • I was thinking of starting an online multiplayer Dokapon Kingdom-like boardgame. The only issue is that games can take several days to actually complete. Is there a way to save the state of a multiplayer game when people leave, so they can pick it back up another time? Note that i'm still working my way through the multiplayer tutorials, and haven't started anything yet, i'm just curious if it's possible.

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  • Ok, so looking at the multiplayer object further, it seems like save/load would (?) be possible as long as 1) I had the host do the saving/loading, and 2) I identified peers not by PeerId (which is randomly assigned), but by some alias that corresponds to the character or player slot they're playing in ("player1", "player2") and have people select that alias when they join BEFORE the host loads the game.

    Would that work?

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